Instructional Lab

Welcome To Plaisance Middle School Instructional Lab!
     The Instructional Lab is an extension of the classroom. Students practice the State Standards and Louisiana Grade Level Expectations and skills that they are learning in the classroom using twenty first century tools. As a lab facilitator, my sole purpose is to assist students and teachers on a daily basis while they are in the lab and to operate and coordinate activities related to the implementation of the the Instructional Lab. Every Student attends the Instructional Lab ninety minutes per week.

 Mission Statement:

Where Teachers Teach, Students Excel, and the Community Supports.

     Plaisance Elementary School's mission is to EMPOWER and INSPIRE all SCHOLARS to APPLY the knowledge, skills and  attitudes necessary to become creative problem solvers, to achieve personal success and to contribute responsibly to our diverse society.

     School - Wide Expectations 

1. Be Respectful 

     A. Follow directions the first time they are given.

     B. Respect school Property.

     C.Respect yourself and others.

 2. Be Responsible

     A. Enter the computer lab quietly.

     B. Be prepared to work.

     C. Sit at your assigned computer

 3. Be Safe

     A.  Exit the class quietly

     B.  Be sure your area is neat and clean before leaving

    C. Be sure you log out before leaving the computer lab.