Principal's Message

….. from the desk of principal E. M. Semien

Schools, parents, community members and local school officials together share responsibility for educating the children of Plaisance Middle School.  Each group, collectively and individually, must realize the importance of its actions in helping our children succeed in school.

The administration and staff of Plaisance Middle School aim to give our students what a good school must – an appreciation for knowledge and learning and the habits and motivation necessary for success and achievement.  At Plaisance Middle School we will hold to the traditional American view that no immutable law dooms a child to failure and we will work tirelessly to produce successful students as evidence.

We believe parents are a great asset and we enlist their help. We will make an all-out effort to get parents and adults from throughout the community involved in the enterprise of education at Plaisance Middle School.  This community of adults, parents, and the administration and staff of Plaisance Middle will make clear to every student that each can and will learn.

Our school will help children further develop the qualities of character and respect for the principles of right and wrong that are prized by American society at-large.  The administration and staff understand that the ideals and knowledge we must communicate remain the same for all students.  We fully realize the students learn best when they are offered the best: a curriculum that is rich and challenging, vigorous, bell to bell teaching, and clear standards of behavior.

In our efforts to establish and maintain quality, excellent schooling, we will give quality homework, tough discipline, and encouragement to achieve.  We will set goals for students in precise and measurable terms.  We will teach the basics - reading, mathematics, science, social studies, writing, English – and communicate the essentials of American culture – history, literature, patriotism, and democratic principles.

Whatever is written on the heart of a child will remain there always.  As educators of Plaisance Middle shaping children’s most formative years, we assure you that we will take care to write only that which will lead to intellectual, social, and emotional growth on the valuable and vulnerable hearts entrusted to us.


Educationally Yours,

Elsie M. Semien, P.M.S. Principal